That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Monday, January 28, 2013

Don't be fooled!


Junior (Ollie Cat) and Jasper here...

Don't we look like the bestest friends here?
Growl !!                                                                        Growl!!

We were growling.
Now that nap time is over we can growl at each other again.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Napping 101

Kittehs!  Jasper Here on Napping 101.
First, you gotta pick your spot.

And even if you start out wiff a lot of room (like Junior here)...

You gotta be willing to share

And share.
Beclaws everyone loves the same napping spots

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sandi Claws and her Bell

(Okay Sandi, ring the bell and you can go out!)
Go ahead...ring the bell...

Noooo, don't IMITATE the cat bell!
She's so silly...
(we let her out anyway)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Got Gossip?

Black Kitteh Here:
Got Gossip?
I do.
 Oh it's a DOOZIE! 

(Get this) 
Dey found "Junior's" fambily!  

And dey said (get this)
You Can Have Hiiimm!

I am not even kidding. 
I mean, that's a red flag.
Momz said, "He pees in the house doesn't he?"
and they said only when he's mad at other kittehs.

You see, "Junior's" Momz died two years ago and he hasn't been happy since.
So he found our Momz and he has been happy since.

And "Junior"still keeps his options open.
When our  pawrents aren't home, he tries to get into The Plant Lady's house,
or he goes to his first home (where his Momz kids moved in with odder kittehs)
then he swats those kittehs, eats up all the food, then comes back here!
Where he snuggles up wiff our Momz.

Oh, and he's SEVEN YEARS OLD!

He has bad breff

AND "Junior" has annoder name.
But I'm not gonna tell it.
Okay, okay, I'll tell it.
His odder name is:










(or Ollie Cat)
but he still responds to "Junior" too.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Decem-purr Recap

Kittehs!  Jasper here.

Momz has tons of reasons why we've been away,
 but I don't care about any of that
a'cause I'm a cat.

So here are some things that happened in Decem-purr - 

Firstly, Momz and Dad had a big meeting at the house,
where people were bored:
Only Junior wasn't BORED, he sat on an "agenda" and joined the meeting!

A'cause this bored meeting was at our haus in Decem-purr, 
Momz had the house decorated.
Kittehs, we EACH had our own TREE!

Lookie! This one was mine:
It was the biggest and bestest, so I took it!

Junior got this tree:
And Momz said somefing about him being the sweetest
Christmas gift (pfffttt!)

Sandi loved this tree.
 When the other stuff was off the table, I swear
Momz would look the other way
so Sandi could stay under her tree (yes, on the table!).

And THIS tree belonged to Black Kitteh
Momz said this was the best gift.
Black Kitteh was snoring under the tree.

Sandi was as cute as always:

And Junior seems to like his new home:

Merry Cat Mouse and Happy New Year!
Jasper, Black Kitteh, Sandi Claws and Junior