That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Awe-gust Update

Kittehs!  Jasper here.

Is it really Mid-AweGust?

Well, it's been full of awe and there have been wind gusts!

Here's what I didz so far:
I joyend the Tabby Cat Club!

Hao cool is that?!

But mostly this summer its been me an Sandi Claws an Black Kitteh
hanging out.

Sandi Claws is looking AWEsome!

Black Kitteh too...

But OH Sandi...
We've been playing, and playing this AweGust.

An just hanging out.

And like Dis:
I'm all king of the junglelike.  Dis is my domain.

Between me an you, 
it's been pretty AWEsome.

Happy AweGust.
Dis is my AWEsome most fiercest yawn yet!