That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Totally True Tale for Halloween (It’s a DOOZIE)

Kittehs!  Jasper here.  Oh do I have a Halloween tail for you…
It’s a very SAD TAIL so BE WARNED!!  You’ll need tissues!!! 
 This happened on Thursday night of last week

Momz and Dadz were going out when 
Momz saw Black Kitteh's snaggly face in road
Our beautiful Black Kitteh had been hit by a car!

It was very gruesome.  Dadz said he was killed instantly.
Momz was crying and they decided they had to bury him, so Dadz got his shovel and scraped him up (after he got run over a few more times). 
Sorry kittehs, but it was BAD

They found one of his very favorite places in our backyard and Dadz started
digging the final resting spot for our beautiful Black Kitteh.
That’s when I came home.

Momz saw me and she was crying. 
She said “Jasper!!  I know, it’s so sad!”
And I was like “What?!”  “What??!!”
But they wouldn't let me snoopervise so I was put in the house. 
I didn't like that.

Momz called the neighbors to tell them the bad news
 and they brought axes and spades
 because our ground is packed so hard

Finally, Dadz lowered Black Kitteh into his final resting spot
and tucked him in.
And that’s when our beloved Black Kitteh came home!!
(We are not even kidding)
Yes, he's really alive!!!
Oh there was so much relief!  And happiness!  
And oh my, who’s black kitty did we just bury???

Black Kitteh:  The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!!
By Saturday we knew. 

My Pawrents put the word out and a neighbor found them
 and asked if they had seen his old black cat who was missing since Thursday (so sad!).

He had been ill and wasn't eating very well.  He had been to the V-E-T and they were terribly worried about him and were on their way to the Pound to see if he was there. 
He crossed the street all the time but was slower now. 
He was hit just 4 houses away from his home.
His name was Alexander, and he got a lovely burial.

(this stepping stone will mark his resting spot)
it says:
Old Kitty
Crossed Royal
Landed Here

Somehow, all the black kittehs and orange & white kittehs
end up at our house,one way or another.

I'm glad we get to be the final caretakers for Alexander Kitty.
May he R.I.P.

Pee Ess.  Today is Halloween.
I decided not to come home this morning because, we'll, I'm a cat.

The Black Kittehs are in the house for their safety.  

Black Kitteh is protesting loudly.

Sandi Claws is staying low
(she's still smarting over the hurricane named after her)

and Junior, who has moved in,
was the only one willing to put on a Halloween costume.

 Yeah, I saw those costumes, which is why I'm staying away today.

Be safe Kittehs!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Black & Blue

Hi Kittehs...Black Kitteh here.
 I was feeling a little blue...

Until Moms color corrected meh!
Now I'm a Black Kitteh again!
(I feel so much better)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Kittehs, this is Jasper and
I have something to say!

Black Kitteh:  Yeah he does...

I'm putting my PAWS down about this JUNIOR kitteh
I don't like it ONE BIT!

Black Kitteh:  Oh, here we go...

He eats my fud...

He stealz my toyz...
He' on my BED, giving my moms HEAD butts!!

Yeah, he does all that.  But Jasper's Moms puts out
MORE FUD when he's around
So I'm good with it.

Sandi:  Meh
He mostly leaves me alone. 
So I don't care effer way.

Let it be known that I, Jasper Jazzbones
AM not Happeh!!

Pee Ess.  We all know that Junior is cheating on his real fambly with my fambily. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Award? For Meee???

Hi Kittehs!  Jasper Here!
Lookit' what Pasha gave us!!!
He's my very bestest BBF
(Bestest Bloggie Friend)

Wow, we could've really used this earlier when THIS happened:

(Sandi Claws:)
Hey Boyz,
Where's mine??
Oh nevermind,
I got it!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Kittehs!  JazzPurr here...
It's ME, Junior!
I stayed in JazzPurr's house last night!
This scratchie thingy felt GOOD.
It felt SO GOOD to rub against all the furrrniture too!
Oh and der wuz this one too!
I think JazzPurr's Moms thought I was itchie.
She put FLEA GOOP on me (gasp!).
But I got her back!! 4:15 a.m., I got in bed and head butted her for hours and put it right back on her!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Breaking News! Again!!

Oh kittehs, Sandi Claws here.

Oh. My. Cod!!

Kittehs, grab some nip...
Pawrents, grab wine (or coffee) and letz me tell you da news!

It waz a dark night wiffa full moon...

Okay, okay it wuz daytime.
But there WUZ a full moon. 
The night before!

This is how it happened my furrends.

Dads was working from home, as he does sumtimes,
when Jasper came in and started playinig wiffa toy mousie.
in't he cute?

He was lording over the house, as he does,
and getting some good tummy rubs from Dads...


Here we go










Now wuld be a good time for that NIP or WINE











Breaking News!

This isn't Jasper!!

(we are not even kidding!!)

They look and akt so samelike!
Kittehs, lookit...

They play the same:
(Jasper - Not Jasper)

They walk da same
(Jasper - Not Jasper)

Oh come on now, SAME!
(Jasper - Not Jasper)

We call him Junior!

Is Jasper Junior's daddy from before his manly jewels were removed?
Are Orange and White Boycats all the same?
Did Jasper tell every kitteh in da neyborhood they culd eat at our house?

but the most IMPORTANT question is...

Can we KEEP him?
(and yes, they checked under the hood - he's awfully friendly, MOL!)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bath Tub Betty

Sandi Claws in the bath tub here.
What?  It's cool...

I like the shower too!

Moms said somfin' about combining my
love for TALKING with my love for the SHOWER 
What's a Disco?

Monday, October 1, 2012


Kittehs shhhhh....

JazzzPurrr is sleeping.
(lookit' those rabbit feet!)