That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sandi Claws in a box

Kittehs!  Sandi Claws here.
Momz was decoratin' and I found THIS:

Oh my Precciouuussss....

Is there anything better?
This is the BEST box EVER!!

I'm just gonna stay here for a bit!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holidaze Snoopervision

Kittehs!  Junior here.
I've been snoopervising the holidaze stuff

Let me look a bit closer... 

Let me touch it! 

I approve.  Keep working!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jasper vs. Junior

Jasper                                                                                Junior


I won! 

Nom, nom, nom...

Hey!  Every time I turn around... 
 YOU'RE There!
Behind everreh corner

In everreh room...
Sheesh!  Can't a kitteh get away?? 
Kittehs, I'm putting my PAWS down!
And then I'm gonna smack that Junior Cat
right upside his noze!

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Many Sides of Jasper

Jasper here.
Let me tell you head on...

Sometimes I'm gonna put my back to you.

Sometimes I'm gonna YELL:

Sometimes, I'll just be a blur
(especially when HE's around - that "Junior" Cat)

And sometimes, I'm gonna curl up inna ball.
(Just kidding!  That's Junior)

Okay, here's me in a ball 
after Junior invaded my turf.

We don't growl at each other *as* much
But I'm still miffed that he's moved in.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A New Awardie!!

We just got this awardie from Andrea and the Celestial Kitties
(Tank you!!)


7 Things???...hmmmmm.

Okay, here goes:
My full name is Jasper Jazzbones and I'm the head of our cathaus
My pawrents thought my Black Kitteh was a GIRL for TWO WHOLE years
before they could take him the V-E-T. 
He's a "stray" who is my bestest friend
and he likes baths, milk and sun puddles.
Pasha is my bestest bloggie friend (BBF)
and you can see his adventures here:
I have a little crush on Pretinha. 
She's so exotic!!
You can see her here at:
Sandi Claws came from THE POUND
and she's the most beautiful, crankiest tuxie kitteh evvur. 
She likes complaining, laying around, loves the bath tub and shower
and she's a little skittish. 
She's a good bugger and our best hunter
(WHEN she DOES venture out of the house).
My pawrents have no idea who Junior belongs to,
but apparently he's moved in!
He even has his own stocking on the mantle!!
I don't like Junior too much beclaws he didn't get my approval to move in.
And he swipes Black Kitteh. 
So I swipe his noze.
Momz said we look like the three stooges.

Is this the part where I get to pass on the awardie now?
(I'm new to this)

I'm passing this awardie to Pasha and Pretinha!!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to Move in on Humans


Junior here.

Here's tips on how to MOVE IN on humans.

1)  Be as cute as can be!

2)  Eat up every last bit of fud - clean the bowlies!
(they love that because their kittehs can be picky)

3)  Nuzzle them with this face:

4)  Use the catbox.  Watch that aim!

5)  Give them tons of lovin'

and THAT's how you MOVE IN on Humans!

Good luck kittehs!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Q-Tip a Day Keeps Feathers Away

Kittehs!  Sandi Claws here.
On restocking day, Moms sometimes drops

Oh, there is nothing better than stalking the Q-Tip

And chasing it into the bath tub.
(Momz has problems with videos and her Windoze 8
so toe pads crossed this works)

Oh the fun of catching a Q-TIP!!

And for some reason,
the birdies are quite pleased with this new arrangement.


Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Clean a Stray Kitteh

This is how Black Kitteh
got so cleanie
(Black Kitteh) Oh yeah, get the head, I can't reach there!

  Oh that's the spot!
Hang on, you got sumpten on you..I got it!

Oh, the flea goop spot, yeah, get there...

Jasper:  Nom, nom, nom.
Wait, I see sumpten else on you, let me get it...

  Sandi:  Would you two knock it off?

 I'm tryin' to HUNT here...

Hey Jasper, Save some Black Kitteh gunk for meeee!
(It's not fair, he gets all the Black Kitteh gunk) 

Friday, November 9, 2012

This Week's Adventures

Hey kittehs, it's me
Lookit!  We've put on our WINTER SKIN!
It's been a little rainey lately....

Now back to our regularly scheduled program!!

First off, I did not killz this plant!
Jasper's momz did.
She said she has the "black thumb of death".
I think she doesn't water them, like she does for us....

I thought about helping her with that...
(notice where his collar used to be)
 but really Iz just snoopervising!

Want to hear a new tail?

Jasper's Momz and the guy with the stinky feet
took me to the V-E-T
This is what they found:
I am fixed! 
(Funny, I didn't think I waz broken!)
An' I don't have a chippie gttttttttttttttttttv   

(I typed that last pawt myself!  Lookit!)
 See, Iz helping!!

One rainy day this week Momz stayed home,
 so me an' Black Kitteh stayed wiff her

He's smart, that Black Kitteh.
And he SNOREZ!!!

I do not Snores!!!


 So that's our soap opera for this week.
until next time on
A Tail of 3 (ahem!) Kittehs!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jasper's Big Adventure

Kittehs!  Jasper Here.
I didn't come home for 3 whole daze!!! 

This was one of Momz alertz.

She was worried, she called in the Neighborhood Guards!
And the Home Again place that made my chip. 

Oh, and Home Again alerted
(dah dah daaaahhh!!)  Shelters and VETS
They now knowz of my very existence.

Oh kittehs, my stealthy-ness has been thwarted!!!
And all because of that no good JUNIOR!

Lookit what he waz doing the first morning I was gone.
Trying on Halloween Hats!!

Black Kitteh:  Yeah he did.

Is it no wonder I left??? 
I'm sure I made my point to Momz and Dadz
about Junior.

But Momz has no idea where I really was.
I'm not going to tell her, it was my big adventure.

But you can tell her, iff you think you noz...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Totally True Tale for Halloween (It’s a DOOZIE)

Kittehs!  Jasper here.  Oh do I have a Halloween tail for you…
It’s a very SAD TAIL so BE WARNED!!  You’ll need tissues!!! 
 This happened on Thursday night of last week

Momz and Dadz were going out when 
Momz saw Black Kitteh's snaggly face in road
Our beautiful Black Kitteh had been hit by a car!

It was very gruesome.  Dadz said he was killed instantly.
Momz was crying and they decided they had to bury him, so Dadz got his shovel and scraped him up (after he got run over a few more times). 
Sorry kittehs, but it was BAD

They found one of his very favorite places in our backyard and Dadz started
digging the final resting spot for our beautiful Black Kitteh.
That’s when I came home.

Momz saw me and she was crying. 
She said “Jasper!!  I know, it’s so sad!”
And I was like “What?!”  “What??!!”
But they wouldn't let me snoopervise so I was put in the house. 
I didn't like that.

Momz called the neighbors to tell them the bad news
 and they brought axes and spades
 because our ground is packed so hard

Finally, Dadz lowered Black Kitteh into his final resting spot
and tucked him in.
And that’s when our beloved Black Kitteh came home!!
(We are not even kidding)
Yes, he's really alive!!!
Oh there was so much relief!  And happiness!  
And oh my, who’s black kitty did we just bury???

Black Kitteh:  The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!!
By Saturday we knew. 

My Pawrents put the word out and a neighbor found them
 and asked if they had seen his old black cat who was missing since Thursday (so sad!).

He had been ill and wasn't eating very well.  He had been to the V-E-T and they were terribly worried about him and were on their way to the Pound to see if he was there. 
He crossed the street all the time but was slower now. 
He was hit just 4 houses away from his home.
His name was Alexander, and he got a lovely burial.

(this stepping stone will mark his resting spot)
it says:
Old Kitty
Crossed Royal
Landed Here

Somehow, all the black kittehs and orange & white kittehs
end up at our house,one way or another.

I'm glad we get to be the final caretakers for Alexander Kitty.
May he R.I.P.

Pee Ess.  Today is Halloween.
I decided not to come home this morning because, we'll, I'm a cat.

The Black Kittehs are in the house for their safety.  

Black Kitteh is protesting loudly.

Sandi Claws is staying low
(she's still smarting over the hurricane named after her)

and Junior, who has moved in,
was the only one willing to put on a Halloween costume.

 Yeah, I saw those costumes, which is why I'm staying away today.

Be safe Kittehs!!