That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Friday, November 9, 2012

This Week's Adventures

Hey kittehs, it's me
Lookit!  We've put on our WINTER SKIN!
It's been a little rainey lately....

Now back to our regularly scheduled program!!

First off, I did not killz this plant!
Jasper's momz did.
She said she has the "black thumb of death".
I think she doesn't water them, like she does for us....

I thought about helping her with that...
(notice where his collar used to be)
 but really Iz just snoopervising!

Want to hear a new tail?

Jasper's Momz and the guy with the stinky feet
took me to the V-E-T
This is what they found:
I am fixed! 
(Funny, I didn't think I waz broken!)
An' I don't have a chippie gttttttttttttttttttv   

(I typed that last pawt myself!  Lookit!)
 See, Iz helping!!

One rainy day this week Momz stayed home,
 so me an' Black Kitteh stayed wiff her

He's smart, that Black Kitteh.
And he SNOREZ!!!

I do not Snores!!!


 So that's our soap opera for this week.
until next time on
A Tail of 3 (ahem!) Kittehs!!


  1. You kittehz are so smart to snooze in the bed. That's where the best naps are taken! Have a great weekend, kittehz. XOXO

  2. Um, yes, we did kinda notice that the name of yoru blog needs updating! MOL!!

  3. Hey, Junior! You did a great job typing!! ;)

  4. Poor plant, but now that you're helping to care who knows she recovers hehe. You are having a good time together. Loved the pictures.

  5. Yes, time to update the title. Junior, how are you getting along with Jasper??