That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jasper's Big Adventure

Kittehs!  Jasper Here.
I didn't come home for 3 whole daze!!! 

This was one of Momz alertz.

She was worried, she called in the Neighborhood Guards!
And the Home Again place that made my chip. 

Oh, and Home Again alerted
(dah dah daaaahhh!!)  Shelters and VETS
They now knowz of my very existence.

Oh kittehs, my stealthy-ness has been thwarted!!!
And all because of that no good JUNIOR!

Lookit what he waz doing the first morning I was gone.
Trying on Halloween Hats!!

Black Kitteh:  Yeah he did.

Is it no wonder I left??? 
I'm sure I made my point to Momz and Dadz
about Junior.

But Momz has no idea where I really was.
I'm not going to tell her, it was my big adventure.

But you can tell her, iff you think you noz...


  1. Jasper! You shouldn't stay away for so long!! We all worry about you!!

  2. The Kitteh Code of Honor prevents us from telling. WE are glad you're home safely. Stay home, Jasper!

  3. Were you off on a nip bender? Chasing ladycats? Lit out for the hills because some chickie-kitty said you were the dad, 10 times over?
    We're glad you're home, no matter why you left!

  4. Awww Jasper, we bet your family was so worried about you. We think you made your point, but know that you will never need to do it again. We are glad you are home safe and sound :)xx

  5. We really think you ought to stay home where it's safe. You're tempting the Fates to have a short life if you take off like that again!

  6. Oh noes!!!! Awww but we are so glad you returned!! Take care

  7. Jasper you want to kill your mother for concern? Do not do it again please! Glad you returned safely.

  8. Jazzpurr!! I'll bet your mom was worried sick. Pleeeze don't go away again!

  9. We think you were at Junior's house!
    Glad you came back!