That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Clean a Stray Kitteh

This is how Black Kitteh
got so cleanie
(Black Kitteh) Oh yeah, get the head, I can't reach there!

  Oh that's the spot!
Hang on, you got sumpten on you..I got it!

Oh, the flea goop spot, yeah, get there...

Jasper:  Nom, nom, nom.
Wait, I see sumpten else on you, let me get it...

  Sandi:  Would you two knock it off?

 I'm tryin' to HUNT here...

Hey Jasper, Save some Black Kitteh gunk for meeee!
(It's not fair, he gets all the Black Kitteh gunk) 


  1. Hee he, maybe you could join in too then you could all go a hunting together :)xx

  2. Jasper I need someone to scratch my back, if you have the time ...

  3. Um, mommy says EWW gross to the "Save some for me" part! MOL! Humans...

  4. We had to double-check to make sure that was Jasper and not Junior!
    I have an itch behind my ear too Jasper! Would you mind?

  5. Boy, Jasper and Black Kitteh sure are all into each other. Tasty!