That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Story

Hi, I'm Jasper.
I'm an Orange and White Boy Cat and I know everythiiing of the world because I'm two years old.

That's me chillaxin. 

I'm am the chosen one.  That means I was picked from a litter.
My moms (she's the one who feeds me) is helping me with this blog
and my dad (the guy with the stinky feet) always plays with me. 
Until I grew up of course, then I didn't want to play with him as much.

So there I was, in my new house with no brothers or sisters to play with, all growed up. 
And Then I Found HER:

Moms and Dad thought she was an older lady cat who taught me everything in the world
that I didn't KNOW. 
and I didn't know a LOT!

She's missing two teeth and she has a crooky tail, but I LOVE HERR!
Moms and dad think she was abandoned.  They say she's a stray.
But I chose her, so she's s MY chosen one.

I don't know why they still call her a stray,
she lives here whenever she wants and comes in and out of the house all the time.

But before that, one day she went missing. 
And she was missing for a long time! 
Oh, I was so sad.
Moms and dad went to the Pound to see if my Black Kitteh was there.
(she wasn't)

But Black Kitteh came back! 
But she was all beat up.

Isn't that sad? 
We think she had a fight with a raccoon.
But she got better real quick.

Moms and dad were scared that I'd lose my bestest companion,
so they chose a POUND Kitteh for me!
They got me a girl!

Isn't she beautiful?  Her name is Sandi Claws and I LOVE HERR.
She likes to stay inside, but when she does go out, she catches birds.
And sometimes lizzards
but mostly birds.
She's a really good hunter.

So that's us:
Jasper (me) the chosen one
Sandi Claws - the pound kitteh - she's chosen too
Black Kitteh - the stray (my chosen one).

And we all get along!

And that's the beginning of the Tail of 3 Kittehs!


  1. Hi Jasper,
    I'm so glad to finally have you as a bloggy friend :)
    It looks like we both have the same taste in girls. My girl friend is a black kitty too. She slaps me in the face all the time, and I love it!!!

  2. Oh Pasha, Dad said you are the handsomest boy (next to me) that he's seen!
    I'm so happy you are the first to post on my blog. Although I don't know how to show people my blog yet. I'm working on that.

    And maybe you can have Ani show moms how to put a picture at the top of my blog like you have. I like your blog!

  3. Glad I know your story Jasper!

  4. Glad I know your story Jasper!

  5. Hi Jasper,
    I thought you would be interested in entering for the cat-o-lympics games!
    Here is the information:

    For the picture on top: It's a Gadget. Ask your mommy to add a Gadget :)

  6. Jasper, why did you tell the whole world that I have stinky feet? Now I feel embarrassed.

    1. Don't worry Dads... Pasha told the whole world that I have stinky feet too :) That's how cats are...sigh!

  7. Sounds like your Black Kitteh might start thinking about spending the nights inside with you and Sandi. May not be quite as much fun, but a whole lot safer.

    1. Oh I hope you're right. I love it when she stays in, but it's so much fun huntng at night together.
      Moms and dad try to keep us in as much as they can.