That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Friday, August 10, 2012

Breaking News!!! (Srsly, this is BIG)

Oh my furrends, you've got to hold on to your hat
or somethiing before reading this post.

It's a DOOZIE!!

Sandi Claws and I had appointments at THE V.E.T.
and Moms and Dad decided to try really, really hard to get Black Kitteh
and bring her along. 

And they DID!

We were all Scurred...

Moms had on her super duper cat wrangling gloves
because they've never been able to pick up Black Kitteh before. 
This was her first time with us at THE V.E.T.

Sandi and I bookended Black Kitteh so she would be calm during her exam...

and then I jumped down

because I knew what was coming next!

Black Kitteh's exam...

They tried to see if she was "fixed"
and they looked her over real good, which was hard to do because
she has a really floofy tummy
and she was scurred

and do you know what they found out?

We'll do you???

Can you guess???



Think you know?






Here goes...




Black Kitteh is a BOY!

 (we are not even kidding)


  1. Hahahahahaha! Well, it won't be the first time this has happened! :-D

    So, uh, does "he" still have his peanuts? Is a little snip-snip on the agenda? :-)

    1. The V.E.T. said he had no peanuts. Just the Tootsie Roll!

      Moms and dad were *so* surprised!

  2. Well, um....., oh dear..... ah....., well, um.... it's a little hard to digest with all the things I've heard about you two!!!!
    What about your "relationship" Jasper? Now you have a girl and a boy :)
    The good news is at least she, I mean he, can't get pregnant!
    I'm very confused now!!!!
    I hope everything else went well at the VET.

    1. Hi Pasha!
      Yes, we've all had our shots so we can all go hunting together - our vet visit went well except that Moms and dad were quite surprised!

      Black Kitteh is my FIRST MATE and nothing has changed between us just because moms and dad finally figured out he has a tootsie roll under all that floof!

  3. OH MY CAT! MOL!!!!! And he's had his cheeseballs removed TOO? *snicker* Bet your mom was MOLing too!

    1. Moms was sooo surprised!
      When the V.E.T. lady couldn't find the girlparts, she asked if they were *sure* Black Kitteh was a girlie and Moms said "No, can you let us know for sure either way?"

      And the V.E.T. lady said "found it" and Moms said, "its a girl?"
      The V.E.T. lady said, "no, it's a BOY, I'm holding his boyparts in my hand now." Although she called it something else that started with a "P."

      Moms and Dad's jaws dropped to the floor, I swear!
      I was on the floor, so I could see that part!

  4. Well, that happens sometimes! We're so glad Black Kitty went to the vet so you could find that out!

  5. Yay for Black Kitteh fooling you all!!! LOL!! Awwww but you are now the Three Catskateers - brave and dashing and awesome! :-) You weren't scared at all!! Nope!!

    Take care