That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sandi the Hunter

When my Sandi Claws starts hunting,
I take the "I'm interested in what SHE's interested in" approach!

But, most of the time kitteys, it goes liiike this:
Hey Sands, what'cha got there??

Who meeee?
Just  this iddy, biddy liddle 'ol birdie....and...

WHOA - furriends, bring your eyeballies over here and take a peep,
(BUT close your Momsies eyeballs - they don't like this stuff!)






 Moms was so upset she couldn't save this birdie.

She already saved one from Sands THIS WEEKEND.

OH aaannd...
I also have,
as well as
and to boot,
Oh my COD kittys!  She did it AGAIN!
Oh furrends, the squeemish among you DO NOT want to
see this lizard!
For us kittys, it is VERREH impressive:

What, the taiils grow back!!

I was just playing with his tail!

 Uh huh, whatevz Sands.
You almost ate his LEGS off!


(I have no idea where she gets that from!)


  1. Awwww poor birdie!:-(

    Glad the lizard survived!

    Take care

  2. Wow what a hunter! I guess it's a good thing mr lizard can lose that tail, it helped him survive!

  3. Hey guys, this is really Katie Isabella whose blog you go to sometimes, but I am on mommy's page helping her with HER bloggie.

    I stopped here before I went back to helping her as I saw you in her reader.

    You two sure know how to have funs! I would love to join. I am a Tuxie so I wouldn't show up TOO much, would I, in hunting games?

    1. Oh Katie Isabella, you can join us anytime! What fun we'd have!!

  4. Wow, you are quite the hunter, Sandi Claws!!

  5. Sandi you're an excellent hunter. I just hope that you do not want to give them as a present to his mother.