That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's for Breakfast??

First of all, this is ALL Moms fault!
If she would've gotten up at 5:30 am, like we DEMANDED
and given us stinky cat fud,
NONE of this would have happened...
What happens when Moms sleeps in and Sandi Claws takes over?
Sandi brings us
Shredded Tweet!!
Oh kittehs, it was so yummy.  So fresh and PLUCKED!
There's nothing better than early birdie for brekkie.
(Except stinky cat fud)
Moms is still trying to make this not her fault, but CLEARLY it was.


  1. Oh boy, I'm sure it was tastey, even if it's not lovely for us to look at.. bleh, we hope your mom gets up early tomorrow!

  2. Oh dear!!!! Jasper - you must set mum's alarm up to earlier!!! Take care

  3. This is it, the cats in charge things work on time. Mom will end up losing the job to Sandi Claws hehe.

  4. You mean, Sandi Claws SHARED her shredded tweet??!