That's us. Black Kitteh, Me & Sandi Claws

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Drama & Fireworks!

Who is this interloper?

He's a young boycat that just started sniffing around.
Moms calls him "Hawkfood" since he's so small.

Hawkfood keeps trying to come between me and my beautiful Black Kitteh -
but we'll have no part of it...
...we growl and sniff and snort and we kick him OUT.

Black Kitteh has been very verbal about not wanting Hawkfood around!

But then...

The Plant Lady next door just told us that
Black Kitteh and Hawkfood have been
in her yard!!

I guess Black Kitteh is teaching Hawkfood everythiiing of the world,
like she did to me!

I think I'll call her Jezebel!

But I still love my Black Kitteh
Maybe it's the holiday...

Or maybe I'm just an "Independent Kitteh!"

Sandy says "Happy 4th of July!!"

She doesn't care about any of this drama because
she prefers to stay in the house and Hawkfood doesn't come into the house...

Uh looks like Hawkfood wants in now...


  1. I think the results of the lessons Hawkfood has been receicing from Jezebel will show up in a couple of months as a cute tiny black bundle of furs :)

  2. Oooohhhh, yes because I'm shooting blanks and sleek, new Hawkfood still probably has his (ahem) jewels.

    Oh that would be so cute, but so bad too. People still think black kittehs are bad luck, EVEN NOW (silly, silly people, black kittehs have brought me GOOD luck)!

    1. Well now we know Black Kitteh can't get pregnant!